Liquid Waste

We want to provide effortless and complete waste management solutions to our clients. No matter what type or form of waste you require handling, we have the expertise to manage them in a responsible manner that adheres to strict industry standards. We provide rental of portable toilets that caters to different requirements.

Rental and Servicing of Portable Toilets

We have a wide range of Portable Toilets that are tailored to meet the hire needs of users in different settings.

Rental of Portable Toilets






Toilet & Shower

Portable Toilets Comparison Table

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Height (m) 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.28 2.3
Length (m) 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.58 1.1
Width (m) 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 2.235 1.1
Fresh Water Tank Capacity (L) 160 - 180 160 - 180 160 - 180 160 - 180 90 Nil
Holding Tank Capacity (L) 290 - 390 290 - 390 290 - 390 290 - 390 280 Nil
Weight (kg) 100 to 110 100 to 110 100 to 110 100 to 110 159 100
Self-Closing Door
In Use Indicator
Gender Indicator
Internal Sliding Lock
External Door Lock
Clothing Hook
Ventilation Pipe
Towel Bowl (Sitting/ Squatting)
Toilet Roll
Jumbo Toilet Roll
Soap Dispenser
Hand Wash Basin
Shower Head with Holder
Ceramic Sitting Toilet Bowl
Non-Slip Flooring
Fresh Water Inlet
Grey Water Outlet
Stainless Steel Wires with 4 Corner U-hooks

Rental and Servicing of Handwash Station & Urinal

Complement your Portable Toilets with our standalone Handwash station and Urinal. These practical solutions come in handy when you need to improve and/or promote hygiene standards.

Handwash & Urinal


450 *approximately 1500 ‘visits’
Specifically used in construction sites and outdoor events


1.1 to 1.2m
1 to 0.77m
0.4 to 0.6m
Foot Operated Water Tap
Hand Towel
Soap Dispenser
Fresh Water Tank Capacity 83 to 174 (L)
Holding Tank Capacity 102 to 197 (L)
Commonly used in private functions, events and construction sites.

Vacuum Services

We are able to cater to your business needs and offer both scheduled and ad-hoc vacuuming services for sewage and septic tanks.


Water Tanker

Custom-made fabrication based on requirements
Dimension of Tank Size: 10 Cubic Meters
Provision of non - potable water for usage in construction and various sectors

Vacuum Tanker

Custom-made fabrication based on requirements
Dimension of Tank Size: 13 Cubic Meters
Mainly for vacuum of sewage waste from septic/holding tanks.